Siro's Secrets

During one of his parents performances Siro notices from backstage that some member of the audience in a upper level booth was not watching the show being busy talking to each other. Siro being curious sneaked up there and was listening in of a discussion of the Inquisition and the coming and goings of the church officials. His was caught listening in by a third party that was returning to the booth. Siro quickly talked his way out of "disappearing" by offering his services to help report on the coming of goings of the church officials since his family performed regularly at court and around town. After nine months of very useful information he was made a full member of the Invisible College.

One night he learned of the plans of the church to arrest his parents of heresy and Siro begged the local Invisible College chapter to help get his parents get out of harms way. Since his parents were not any part of the organization they only agreed to do it if Siro agreed to become another runner for them, delivering secret messages to other chapters in other towns. He would not be able to settle down and unable to visit his parents again. Siro agreed.

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