Cletus's Secret

Dimrandir, which means 'Sad Wanderer' in Sindarin, goes by the name of Cletus Harker to disguise his Dunedain origins. Although large for a Dunlending, his mixed blood allows him to pass for one as long as no one scrutinizes too closely. As Cletus, he always appears to be travel stained and worn, freshly emerged from his latest travel. He is a regular in the small hamlets and inns of the Trollshaws, but none of the locals know him by more than name. He spends his time in the dark corner of an inn when he is not traveling through the forest.

Dimrandir nows serves as an agent for the Dunedain, where he works through contacts with connections to Arthedain. Although still relatively junior, he is often given simple missions, such as leading parties through dangerous terrain and spying on enemy troop movements. 'Cletus' was born in the woods of the Trollshaws, to a small family of woodsmen. His parents told him stories of how their parents were raised as children in the castles of the Rhudaruan frontier. They also told stories about how their ancestors were thrown from their homes at the hand of treacherous servants working for the Witch-king of Angmar.

While still young, he left the family cabin and began wandering the Trollshaws trying to appease the yearning in his heart to restore Rhudaur to its proper owners.This wanderlust never took him beyond the borders of his little homeland, but he became well traveled within his limited domain. While wandering, Dimrandir encountered a fellow Haeranadan named Guindur. Guindur is a ranking agent in Arthedain's intelligence network. Guindur helped Dimrandil learn of his ancenstry and stoke the fire of discontent with the current situation. Dimrandil joined Arthedain's service under Guindur, and was given a fine steel Eket, the traditional Numenorean short sword, as an emblem of his new position.

During his tenure as 'spy' for Arthedain, Dimrandir encountered many people, but none more memorable than an Elven Wandering Party from Imladris (Rivendell). Managing to move undetected up to their circle, the Elves were impressed with his skills and invited him to join them for the evening. Although they were saddened by the loss in his heart, the Elves appreciated his mission and gave him one of their fantastic cloaks to help him in his quest. They will occasionally stop and meet with him when they feel it is important and will sometimes give him herbs or waybread or other needed supplies.

To Strive. To Seek. To Find.
But Not To Yield

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