Silver's Past

Elias Masterson was Master of Horses for the TrueSilvers at Suzail. His Sandor was an only child. The midwife said that his wife, Telia, would never bear him another child after this one. Sandor was doted upon. Every possible chance Elias had he would make sure that Sandor was around when nobles would be coming to ride. Sandor was able to make friends with a few of the nobles his age. His father helped foster those friendships as much as possible without forcing the noble parents to take action against their children fraternizing with commoners. Eventually, when one of the noble sons, Barius Truesilver, needed to have a squire, he demanded that Sandor be his squire. There was quite a commotion over this, but Barius was firm in his conviction. Threats were made from Barius' parents to Barius. They did no good. Next they tried to pay Elias. He would not accept their money, saying that he was only a humble servant and would do whatever told. Later he was threatened and was told that he must have his son tell Barius that he would not squire for him.

For the most part Sandor was unaware of the squabbles. Barius told Sandor that his parents were very upset, but he wanted his fast friend Sandor to be his squire no matter. They would ride together and someday go off and kill Dragons. The two of them would fight valiantly for Cormyr. They would spot outriders of oncoming armies, slay the entire outrider party and get back to alert the army in time to prepare and completely crush the oncoming army. They would be heros. Their names would be oft spoken in the same breath with Cormyr and all its other heros.

Eventaully, Sandor was made squire to Barius. He squired for Barius for 5 years. He trained with Barius learning all manner of weapons and armor. Not only how to use them &endash; sparring with Barius when the masters were done with Barius, but also about their creation and maintenance. Sandor had to get the armor and weapons for Barius. He had to make sure that they were all in top condition as well. Since his father was master of horse, he knew and got along well with the weaponsmiths and armorers. He helped them on occasion in the forge too. So he came to know not only how to use the weapons, but about their creation and maintenance. That made him only a better squire for Barius since he could always easily pick out the best weapons and armor for him. Barius never had to deal with an ill fitting armor, or poorly balanced weapon.

Barius was what you might expect of a Cormyr noble -- a good student of fighting; loyal, trustworthy, and honest. Sandor was always at his right hand. His good and loyal squire &endash; above all, his friend.

In time, Barius was able to go into the nearby wilds on raids with large companies to root out bandits and such. Sandor with him of course. He was over protected. While he would ask tol be more involved he was told that it would be too risky. Like a good Cormyr soldier he took his 'orders' and followed them.

Eventually one day Barius had a quarrel with the master at arms. Barius had been dealt a blow that was a bit harder than either he or the master at arms had expected. Barius had misread it and moved into the blow making it far worse that it should have (or so the master at arms would claim). It was a blow to the head. Uncharacteristically, Barius was angered. He flew into a rage at the master at arms, who begged forgiveness and tried to explain that it was an accident. Barius had been wearing a helm and there was no blood flowing from the blow, so neither Sandor nor the master at arms sensed a need to send Barius to the healers. Barius decided that he would go for a ride outside the gates with Sandor immediately.

They rode out of Suzail. He seemed even cross with Sandor. At the gates the guards let them out, but when questioned about when they would be back once again Barius flew into a rage. The guards let them go.

They rode for hours. Barius said nothing. Eventually Barius stopped in the middle of the wilds. He stayed motionless. As Sandor came up beside him, Barius ever so slowly toppled out of the saddle. Barius was dead.

Sandor had no idea what was going on. He got off his horse to help Barius back up. It didn't take him long to figure out that he was dead. Sandor was stunned. He wasn't sure what was going on. He sat down on the ground for a while. Finally he did the only thing he thought he could do. He tied Barius to his horse and led them back to the city.

When he got near the gate, a party came out to meet him. It included the master at arms, Barius' parents, and a dozen purple dragons. Sandor was accosted by the mother. What have you done to him?!?! What have you done to him?!?!!!!! Kill him! Kill him!!

We cannot kill him, my lady. We cannot slay him without trial.

You heard! The master at arms told us that they were arguing and that he convinced him to ride off with Barius &endash; not doubt so he could kill my son like this! How can I not have my vengence?!?!!!

My lady, while we cannot kill him outright, I happen to know that there is nobody with a death sentence upon their head in the city currently….

Yes, so?!?! Are you intimating that our judges are too lenient and will not give him a death sentence? That I will not have my revenge? He must die! He MUST DIE!!!!

My lady, I mearly wanted to point out that tomorrow is chasing the king, and there is no king… yet. I think I could make the arrangements so that our Sandor here could be king for a day.

Yes. That would be quite satisfactory. Quite. See that it happens. Congratulations Sandor. You've climbed all the way up from the shit of the horses to be king. Enjoy your day in the sun. I will.

The guards saw who was coming back and so opened the gates without question. Sandor was gagged inside the carriage along with Barius' body. Sandor was thrown into a cell until morning when he was outfitted with armor and blunted sword.

Sandor ran through the streets for a couple hours with the mob following him and pelting him. Eventually he saw a mob in front of him. Turning, there was a crowd behind as well. Determined to make as good a showing as possible (twas folly to believe he could last the entire day) he ducked into the alley to his left. Suddenly his world crashed in around him in an avalanche of pain coming down on top of him.

As he came back to conciousness, he realized it was dark, but he could hear some movement nearby. Then a voice spoke to him "I see you're coming around. Good. Do you want to live?"

Sandor was still groggy, but felt that regardless of his state of mind he would only answer "yes."

Very well then. You are safe for the moment. For that to continue, you must swear that you will never wield steel again. Will you so swear?

Again, "yes. I so swear."

"You must leave Cormyr at once. Follow the road in the direction you are facing. You will be able to see again within an hour. Do not ask me any questions as that will seal your doom. Probably the less you speak with anybody in Cormyr the better. Goodbye."

That was the last of it. Sandor never knew what transpired. Who helped him? How? Why?

He did leave Cormyr. He has never wielded steel since then. To minimize inspections and questions he took to carrying a quarterstaff and sling. Both unobtrusive. A simple traveler. Sandor has trained with the quarterstaff, for while he will never bear steel arms he gave no such promise to wood. There are many questions he would like answered, and scores to be settled, eventually.

People started calling him silver, because of a silver streak in his hair. There was a patch of hair that started to grow out in silver after he left Suzail. Many months later he was accosted by three men that seemed to be searching for him specifically. They were looking for a man with a streak of silver hair. From that point forward he has shaved his head &endash; although he continues to call himself Silver.

Facts about Cormyr

Suzail is the capital of Cormyr

There is a festival called Chasing the King. A criminal condemned to die is armored, given a blunt sword, and a belt with healing potions. If he can survive the day he is given a horse, 50sp and can go free. (A thought for some comments would be: I have been a king for a day. It is not such a great pleasure to be sure, but then again, it was better than to not have been king for a day.)

The Swords of State:

Ansrivarr -- ancient blade of Oarskyr line which symbolizes the realm of Cormyr itself.
Symylazarr -- Nobles swear fealty on this, and knights dubbed. Known as Fount of Honor.
Orblyn -- The Edge of Justice. Executes guilty nobles. Used in court to detect lies.
Rissar -- used for all blood vows.

As Baerauble, Lord High Mage of Cormyr said:

The gods do not grant to us all
The shining mantle of the hero.
Do what you can,
And it will be enough.


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