Excitement in Poth
Poth Crash
There was a little excitement in Poth on the morning of September 16,2006 at about 10 am. A young HEB employee, returning from a night shift, dozed off and hit a power pole just on the side of Highway 181. He was okay even though the airbags did not go off. I was walking about a block away, heard the crash and saw the flash from the arcing of the transformer falling off the pole. I was right next to the Poth volunteer fire department who had just finished cleaning chickens for their BBQ on Sunday and were in the process of leaving Kolodziej’s. Some of them saw the accident also, and they were all at the scene in about one minute. A few buildings in town lost power, but the local power company was quick to come down to set a new pole and get the power up and running just after noon.